guiding you to become a

better athlete and person


1 on 1 lessons and instruction. Knowledgable and experienced coaching.

sandlot softball

Softball organization centering on empowering young woman.

golf Simulator

Trackman golf simulator with a variety of options.

virtual reality Rental

Games next level.

baseball training

Get a 1 on 1 training from an experienced instructor, focusing not only on baseball and softball technique, but also on making sure you are fit and prepared as a player.
So we offer fitness training in the areas of strength, agility and recovery.

We combine technology and sport and offer Diamond Kinetics, WIN reality, Hit Trax and an advanced pitching machine. In addition, you can use our cage arena and open turf for practice.

sandlot softball

Sandlot Softball is our new softball organization focused on empowering young women and helping them become exceptional athletes and people through our training.

golf simulator

We work with the Trackman golf simulator, which has a variety of options from driving range practice time to playing 18 holes at world-renowed golf courses.

On top of that, you can practice on the green with the NextLinks technology games to make practicing the short game more fun.

virtual reality

Virtual reality is a computer-generated reality with 3D images and sounds. It is transmitted via large screens, in special rooms or via a head-mounted display.

We offer you to rent our virtual reality glasses and use them for your own benefit or you can play VR games with us.