Softball Training

Softball Training

$ 75.00 USD
per session

Softball and baseball training

Get a 1 on 1 lessons from our knowledgeable and experienced coaches Becky or Lizzy, depending on what you need!

Book half an hour and pay only $40.00.

What do we offer to improve your softball skills?

Softball Training - Pitching, Hitting, Catching, Fielding

Technology Training

  • Diamond Kinetics - Swing tracker and Pitch tracker
  • WIN Reality - Oculus virtual reality
  • Hit Trax
  • Advanced pitching machine - throws moving pitches, great for hitting and catcher train

Cage area for hitting and pitching

Open turf*

Sandlot Softball

Join our softball organization "Sandlot Softball" centering on empowering young women to become better athletes and people!

Call 216-644-1110 or email to schedule a lesson.

** All prices are subject to change, No-Show fees will apply, Cancellation fees will apply

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